YARPP <= 5.30.2 Authenticated (Subscriber+) Local File Inclusion
Wordfence.com · 2023-04-22 2 min The wordfence Intelligence Vulnerability Database API is completely free to query and utilize, both personally and commercially, and contains all the same vulnerability data as the user interface. Please review the documentation for more information on how to query the vulnerabil
Friday Long Read: What To Do About AI
Wordfence.com · 2023-04-09 18 min Mark MaunderApril 7, 2023This is a Friday long-read, so grab a warm cup of something and kick back because we’re going to take our time on this. The world is about to profoundly change. I know you’re nervous – perhaps excited and optimistic, but if you’ve been paying att
All In One SEO Pack Vulnerabilities Impacting 3 Million Sites Patched
Wordfence.com · 2023-02-28 5 min On January 26, 2023, the wordfence Team responsibly disclosed two vulnerabilities in All In One SEO Pack, a WordPress plugin installed on over 3 Million sites which provides search engine optimization tools designed to help content creators optimize their sites and reach more use
Entering a Higher State of Vigilance Ukraine Under Attack
Wordfence.com · 2022-02-24 3 min It appears that Russia has just commenced the invasion of Ukraine. Check your preferred international news outlet, but according to the Ukrainian foreign min ister “Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”Ukrainian airspace is closed with flights diverting.
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