Is Meta's arrival on the fediverse good news? · 2023-08-23 12 min The fediverse (a blend made from “federation” and “universe”) is a group of social media consisting of a multitude of platforms and software, each of them communicating with the others using a common protocol. Mastodon is one of the software applications used to offer an
Le modèle de covoiturage de Citygo validé · 2023-06-21 2 min Actualités mardi 20 juin 2023 Tweeter Le modèle de covoiturage de Citygo validé Par un jugement du 7 juin 2023, le tribunal de commerce de Nanterre a considéré que la plateforme Citygo respecte les obligations en matière de co-voiturage imposées par l’article L
Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case · 2023-06-06 27 min This article was written on the basis of information relating to the so-called “8 December” case1For a summary of the 8 December affair see in particular the testimonies available in this Revue Z article, this Lundi matin article, the following support committee articles (he
Peter Craddock on LinkedIn: #gdpr #dataprotection #privacy | 35 comments · 2023-05-13 2 min Peter CraddockPartner - Data/Cyber/Tech Law; helping companies innovate & use data better (EU & international)1y EditedWhat makes information "personal data"? That's what the General Court examined on Wednesday in case T‑384/20 - and it's a key issue for many other enfo
[Dossier IA générative] ChatGPT : un beau parleur bien entraîné · 2023-04-26 20 min Sommaire : - ChatGPT : un beau parleur bien entraîné (1/4) - Quelle régulation pour la conception des IA génératives ? (2/4) - De l'entraînement à la pratique : l'IA générative et ses usages (3/4) - [Exploration LINC] - Les travaux d’IAsterix : les systèmes d'IA mis
Wallife protegge dalle minacce la nostra identità digitale · 2023-04-18 7 min Wallife è una startup Insurtech unica nel suo genere, capace di gestire la sicurezza e la protezione dell’identità digitale delle persone, per difenderle dai rischi derivanti dalle nuove tecnologie. Fondata nel 2020 da Fabio Sbianchi e guidata dalla CEO Maria Enrica Ang
ChatGPT is entering a world of regulatory pain in Europe · 2023-04-11 4 min Press play to listen to this articleVoiced by artificial intelligence.ChatGPT has set itself up for a rough ride with Europe's powerful privacy watchdogs.The chatbot is the hottest sensation of artificial intelligence technology but was hit with a temporary ban in Italy last mont
Chatbots: des humains comme les autres ? · 2023-04-06 4 min Nous documentons régulièrement sur LINC les progrès dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle, en particulier ceux de DeepMind qui ne cesse de dépasser les humains sur certaines tâches : comme par exemple reconnaitre des visages, lire sur les lèvres, etc. La derniè
Chatbots : les conseils de la CNIL pour respecter les droits des personnes · 2023-04-06 4 min Les agents conversationnels (ou chatbots) sont des logiciels permettant le dialogue d’un utilisateur avec un programme destiné à lui fournir des informations. Ils servent à apporter des réponses aux questions les plus fréquentes, tout en dispensant cette information d’un
France aims to protect kids from parents oversharing pics online · 2023-03-01 1 min PARIS — french parents had better think twice before posting too many pictures of their offspring on social media.On Tuesday, members of the National Assembly's law committee unanimously green-lit draft legislation to protect children's rights to their own images."The message
Mots de passe : une nouvelle recommandation pour maîtriser sa sécurité · 2023-02-13 6 min Il n’existe pas de définition universelle d’un bon mot de passe mais il faut qu’il soit difficile à deviner. Pour cela, on peut jouer sur sa complexité et sa longueur pour diminuer le risque de réussite d’une attaque informatique qui consisterait à tester successivem
Cheering emerging PETs: Global privacy tech support on the rise · 2023-02-13 10 min The data economy is facing a paradox. The exponential increase in the processing of personal data has created a wide array of unprecedented possibilities to gain useful insights via artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, these developments expose individ
Bannières cookies : l’EDPB publie des exemples de pratiques non conformes · 2023-02-10 2 min L’EDPB (ou CEPD en français) a publié un rapport sur le travail effectué par sa « Cookie Banner Taskforce », concernant les bannières de cookies. Ce rapport, issu de la coopération entre les différentes autorités de protection des données européennes, est le résul
Digital Euro: acting for a privacy friendly model · 2023-02-06 3 min The digital euro: what is at stake for the freedoms of citizens The European Central Bank (ECB) has launched in the summer of 2021 an investigation phase to develop a digital form of the euro. For this institution, one of the objectives is to maintain a link between citizens and
How to legally use Google Analytics in Europe · 2023-01-18 39 min Many website operators in Europe are at a loss: Is Google Analytics illegal? This is what recent decisions and statements by European Data Protection Authorities suggest, and some of them even say so directly. On closer inspection the situation is less black and white. Google A
Europol board violates new rules European Digital Rights (EDRi) · 2022-12-06 8 min The EU’s police agency, Europol, has landed itself in trouble again.Having been formally admonished by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) late last year for its illegal processing of vast quantities of personal data, and in September for refusing an access request t
Dutch MEP says illegal spyware ‘a grave threat to democracy’ · 2022-11-13 6 min The senior MEP leading an inquiry into spyware has accused the EU commission of ignoring the “grave threat to democracy” posed by the use of the technology, and national governments of failing to cooperate with her investigation.The Dutch liberal MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld said
Publication : Recommandations relatives à l’authentification multifacteur et aux mots de passe · 2022-08-31 1 min Ce guide traite de l’authentification pour tout type d’accès, c’est-à-dire du déverrouillage d’un terminal (poste Windows, Linux, etc.), de l’accès à des comptes à privilèges (par des administrateurs par exemple), de l’accès à des applications web (privées o
Gmail creates “Spam Emails”, despite CJEU judgment · 2022-08-24 1 min Today, filed a complaint against Google with the french Data Protection Authority (CNIL). The tech giant has repeatedly ignored the European Court of Justice (CJEU) ruling on direct marketing emails and used its email platform Gmail to send unsolicited advertising emails
french court backs fraud detection programme based on 'freely accessible' data · 2022-07-28 3 min The french tax authorities and customs can continue collecting “freely accessible” data on social media networks such as Facebook to combat illegal sales or tax fraud, France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, has decided.Read the original french article
"The french tax authorities and customs can continue collecting “freely EDPO (European Data Protection Office) on LinkedIn · 2022-07-28 < 1 min LinkedIn respects your privacyLinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Learn more in our Cookie Policy.Select
Cookies: the Council of State confirms the 2020 sanction imposed by the CNIL against Amazon · 2022-06-28 2 min The CNIL decision of 7 December 2020On 7 December 2020, the CNIL imposed a fine of 35 million euros on AMAZON EUROPE CORE, in particular for having placed advertising cookies on the computers of users of the sales site without prior consent or satisfactory information.I
France’s CNIL warns over illegal use of Google Analytics – TechCrunch · 2022-06-09 4 min France’s data protection watchdog, the CNIL, has issued updated guidance on use of Google Analytics following a decision earlier this year that found a local website’s use of the tool to be in breach of European Union law.It has also confirmed that it has since issued formal

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