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TechDispatch #1/2022 Federated Social Media Platforms · 2022-10-01 18:37 estimated reading time: 8 min The Fediverse consists of many independent, interoperable social media platforms that allow their users to interact with each other across those platforms. In the absence of vendor lock-in, users can choose a platform with terms and data location matching t
WhatsApp “zero day exploit” news scare – what you need to know · 2022-09-28 04:38 estimated reading time: 6 min by For the last day or two, our news feed has been buzzing with warnings about WhatsApp. We saw many reports linking to two tweets that claimed the existence of two zero-day security holes in WhatsApp, giving their bug IDs as CVE-2022-36934 and CVE-2022
WordPress Core 6.0.2 Security & Maintenance Release What You Need to Know · 2022-09-22 16:58 estimated reading time: 6 min On August 30, 2022, the WordPress core team released WordPress version 6.0.2, which contains patches for 3 vulnerabilities, including a High Severity SQLi vulnerability in the Links functionality as well as two Medium Severity Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabi
EU court largely confirms Commission’s record fine against Google in landmark case · 2022-09-14 14:53 estimated reading time: 3 min This article was updated with a comment from Tommaso Valletti.The European Commission scored a major victory in court on Wednesday (14 September) as Europe’s largest ever competition sanction was upheld against Google with only a slight reduction. The ini
Green pass: cos'è, come farlo, a cosa serve e obblighi · 2022-09-14 10:13 estimated reading time: 32 min Il Green Pass necessario in Italia per moltissime attività, ma con le attuali norme cesserà di esistere dal primo maggio; ma già dal primo aprile non è più obbligatorio per alcune attività che prima prevedevano obbligo (alberghi, sport di squadra, ri
UBlock Origin Minus: an experimental Manifest v3 compatible extension gHacks Tech News · 2022-09-09 09:40 estimated reading time: 2 min Raymond Hill, the creator of the popular content blocker uBlock Origin, has published the experimental extension uBO Minus for Chromium-based browsers.The experimental extension is based on Google's Manifest V3 for extensions, which changes things significa
5 privacy policy mistakes to watch out for · 2022-08-26 04:49 estimated reading time: 6 min When was the last time you read a privacy policy? Guest author Dan Arel explains which 5 things you should pay particular attention to when reading a privacy policy.Running means that every day I am sent new product and service recommendatio
Firefox Profilemaker · 2022-08-12 15:30 estimated reading time: 2 min Fake another Useragent Using a popular useragent string avoids attracting attention i.e. with an Iceweasel UA. (keep blank to use the default)Block Cookies Block 3rd-Party cookies or even all cookies. Block Referer Firefox tells a website, from which site y
Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in app browser · Felix Krause · 2022-08-11 00:33 estimated reading time: 13 min The iOS Instagram and Facebook app render all third party links and ads within their app using a custom in-app browser. This causes various risks for the user, with the host app being able to track every single interaction with external websites, from all
Use Cases and Requirements for Decentralized Identifiers · 2022-08-02 09:01 estimated reading time: 61 min Use Cases and Requirements for Decentralized Identifiers The need for globally unique identifier schemes has been addressed many times. Globally unique ID schemes typically rely on a central authority controlling a 'root' space that is then delegated to lo
Come rimuovere i dati di Federico Leva dal vostro account Google Analytics · 2022-07-09 02:27 estimated reading time: 2 min Come rimuovere i dati di Federico Leva dal vostro account Google Analytics - Invidious Watch on YouTube(Embed)Switch Invidious InstanceEmbed LinkShow annotations Download as: 2274Genre: People & BlogsFamily friendly? YesWilson score: 0.5101Engagement: 1
Home Burst Statistics · 2022-07-05 16:19 estimated reading time: 1 min Get started with Burst Statistics. Native to WordPress, and therefore no sharing of data, local hosted results, and full compatibility. Get the most out of your website now!FeaturesF.A.QPrivacy by DesignCreated by Privacy and Security specialists from Reall
CHM Live | The Great Hack · 2022-07-04 06:01 estimated reading time: 2 min CHM Live | The Great Hack - Invidious Watch on YouTube(Embed)Switch Invidious InstanceEmbed LinkShow annotationsDownload as: 132,012936Genre: Science & TechnologyFamily friendly? YesWilson score: 0.9959Engagement: 0.709% Computer History Museum [Record
Google will delete location history data for abortion clinic visits · 2022-07-03 14:50 estimated reading time: 2 min Google will delete location history data for abortion clinic visits | Google | The Guardian SubscribeThe Guardian - Back to homeThe Guardian: news website of the year Show caption Google said Friday it will continue to push back against improper or overly
13 steps to follow to comply with the GDPR rules ICPTE · 2022-06-25 00:58 estimated reading time: 4 min The GDPR Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 9
BRATA, il malware bancario per Android evolve in attacchi persistenti anche contro l'Italia: i dettagli Cyber Security 360 · 2022-06-23 04:07 estimated reading time: 3 min Una recente analisi di Cleafy rileva ulteriori cambiamenti nel modus operandi di BRATA, uno dei più noti malware per smartphone che colpisce dispositivi Android e ormai ben noto anche in Europa tra Regno Unito, Spagna e Italia. Il gruppo criminale dietro q
UK plan to scrap cookie consent boxes will make it ‘easier to spy’ on web users · 2022-06-22 22:27 estimated reading time: 2 min Proposals to scrap pop-up cookie consent boxes on websites will make it easier to spy on web users, a privacy campaign group has warned.Cookie banners are a common feature for web users, who are asked to give their consent for websites as well as marketing
Edps conference 2022 Schrems in Main Session 1 · 2022-06-22 09:50 estimated reading time: 3 min Introduction of the New California Privacy Protection Agency by Ashkan SoltaniBreakout 14- Anticipating risks – how foresight can support data protection?Closing remarks by Wojciech Wiewiórowski, EDPSEDPS keynote - "Now What?" by Wojciech WiewiórowskiBr
Cookie e trasferimenti dati in USA, Parlamento Ue "colpevole": il richiamo dell'EDPS Agenda Digitale · 2022-06-17 14:54 estimated reading time: 9 min Tutto ha avuto inizio nel gennaio 2021, quando l’organizzazione no-profit “Noyb” – European Center for Digital Rights – presentava denuncia formale per conto di sei membri del Parlamento in relazione ad un portale web interno, dedicato ai test Cov
Questions réponses sur les mises en demeure de la CNIL concernant l’utilisation de Google Analytics · 2022-06-09 09:26 estimated reading time: 12 min 07 juin 2022Cette foire aux questions ne vise que les décisions de mise en demeure de la CNIL concernant l’utilisation de Google Analytics à la suite de l’invalidation du Privacy Shield.La déclaration conjointe de la Commission européenne et des É
La CNIL publie son rapport d’activité 2021 · 2022-05-29 09:16 estimated reading time: 6 min Une politique d’accompagnement renouveléeUn des objectifs de la CNIL est d’apporter de la sécurité juridique à l’ensemble des professionnels vis-à-vis du RGPD, quel que soit leur secteur d’activité et leur taille. Pour les accompagner, elle a
Data protection issues arising in connection with the use of Artificial Intelligence · 2022-05-25 10:01 estimated reading time: 2 min Background informationDate of final decision: 8 February 2022Cross-border case or national case: National caseController: Budapest Bank Zrt.Legal Reference: Lawfulness of Processing (Article 5(1)(a), Article 6(1), Article 6(4)), Purpose Limitation (Article
Diffida per violazione del GDPR per utilizzo Google Analytics su sito istituzionale · 2022-05-13 18:44 estimated reading time: 9 min @Antonino_Campo il GDPR ha stabilito delle norme da rispettare e sembrerebbe che Google non si sia del tutto adeguato.Mi devo ripetere. Non sto dicendo che Google rispetti le regole, ma mi sembra strano come non si sia accorto il Garante italiano e cosa si
Which browsers are best for privacy? · 2022-04-22 11:04 estimated reading time: 236 min Alt-SvcAlt-Svc allows the server to indicate to the web browser that a resource should be loaded on a different server. Because this is a persistent setting, it could be used to track users across websites if it is not correctly partitioned.   write: asy
Blockchain (III): Smart Contracts and personal data | AEPD · 2022-04-21 13:43 estimated reading time: 6 min Smart contracts are one of the most widely used and well-known applications of the blockchain along with cryptocurrencies. Despite its name, a smart contract is nothing more than a program (an algorithm) that is stored on the  nodes of a blockchain and tha
EDPB adopts Guidelines on Art. 60 GDPR, Guidelines on dark patterns in social media platform interfaces, toolbox on essential data protection safeguards for enforcement cooperation between EEA and third country SAs · 2022-04-13 21:49 estimated reading time: 1 min Brussels, 15 March - The EDPB adopted Guidelines on Art. 60 GDPR. The drafting of such guidance is part of the EDPB Strategy and Work Programme 2021-2022 to support effective enforcement and efficient cooperation between national supervisory authorities (SA
Privacy: il datore di lavoro è sanzionabile per violazioni commesse dal dipendente · 2022-04-03 07:46 estimated reading time: 3 min GDPR Altri articoli dell'autoreDiritto di Roberto Louhichi privacy,  garante privacy,  GDPR,  datore di Lavoro Il 16 marzo 2022, il Garante svedese ha irrogato una sanzione da poco meno di 30.000 euro all’Agenzia doganale svedese a causa di una app in
Processing operations subject to the requirement of a data protection impact assessment dpia · 2022-03-25 09:32:55+0 estimated reading time: 4 min Processing operations subject to the requirement of a data protection impact assessment 1. Introduction Some data processing activities always require a data protection impact assessment . The supervisory authority has an obligation to establish
Software development with Data Protection by Design and by default · 2022-03-25 09:31:51+0 estimated reading time: 3 min These guidelines are primary intended for developers, software architects, project managers, testers, data protection officers and security advisors. Everybody who develops and contributes to the development of software containing or processing personal dat
Zoom agrees privacy conditions with Dutch ICT purchasing org · 2022-03-24 19:36:47+0 estimated reading time: 3 min Hot on the heels of Microsoft's report card from the Dutch department of Justice and Security comes news of rival messaging platform Zoom receiving a nod via a renewed Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).The assessment was performed by the Privacy Comp
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