FTC Warns Tax Prep Companies Against Invasive Online Tracking – The Markup
Themarkup.org · 2023-09-21 3 min Pixel HuntSharing private information could lead to penalties, agency says after Markup investigation By Colin LecherSeptember 19, 2023 13:13 ET Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesShare This Article Copy Link RepublishThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned five tax pre
Peeking into the Black Box AlgorithmWatch
Algorithmwatch.org · 2023-09-18 13 min Editor's note: This article was written for and first published in the "journalist" magazine.Single mothers were seen as a particularly high risk. In the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, an algorithm spent years combing through the data of welfare recipients to determine which of t
Is Meta's arrival on the fediverse good news?
Laquadrature.net · 2023-08-23 12 min The fediverse (a blend made from “federation” and “universe”) is a group of social media consisting of a multitude of platforms and software, each of them communicating with the others using a common protocol. Mastodon is one of the software applications used to offer an
MoS IT on concerns around Digital Personal Data Protection Act: There will be checks & balances to ensure personal data is not misused
Indianexpress.com · 2023-08-13 9 min MoS IT on concerns around Digital Personal Data Protection Act: There will be checks & balances to ensure personal data is not misused | Business News - The Indian Express Advertisement On Saturday, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 was published i
Woman files lawsuit, claims 'faulty' DPD facial recognition hit prompted her false arrest
Eu.detroitnews.com · 2023-08-12 5 min   The Detroit NewsDetroit — A 32-year-old Detroit woman is suing the city and a Detroit police officer in federal court, alleging she was arrested in front of her two children while eight months pregnant based on "an unreliable facial recognition hit."Porcha Woodruff said she
Detroit alters facial recognition tech policy after lawsuit filed by pregnant woman
Eu.freep.com · 2023-08-12 2 min   Detroit Free PressThe Detroit Police Department will be strengthening its photo lineup and facial recognition technology policies after "shoddy" police work led to a February wrongful arrest of a woman who was eight months pregnant, Police Chief James White announced Wednesda
From “Heavy Purchasers” of Pregnancy Tests to the Depression Prone: We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You – The Markup
Themarkup.org · 2023-08-07 15 min Share This Article Copy Link RepublishWhat words would you use to describe yourself? You might say you’re a dog owner, a parent, that you like Taylor Swift, or that you’re into knitting. If you feel like sharing, you might say you have a sunny personality or that you follow
The internet con how to seize the means of computation
Kickstarter.com · 2023-08-01 < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
Norway temporary ban behavioral ads Facebook Instagram
Noyb.eu · 2023-07-29 1 min Following a CJEU ruling that declared Meta/Facebook’s GDPR approach largely illegal, the Norwegian DPA (Datatilsynet) is the first national data protection authority declaring behavioral advertising on the company’s platforms Facebook and Instagram illegal. Datatilsynet impos
L'adeguatezza sul trasferimento dei dati verso gli Stati Uniti
Dirittoaldigitale.com · 2023-07-20 6 min Skip to content Innovazione e diritto dai professionisti dello studio legale DLA Piper
EU and U.S. data transfer pact in progress, expected for mid July, Reuters
Reuters.com · 2023-07-02 1 min DUBLIN, June 26 (Reuters) - The European Commission is due to finalise a new data transfer pact with the United States by mid-July, a lawyer for Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), the bloc's lead regulator for many big tech firms, said on Monday.The European Union and
Le modèle de covoiturage de Citygo validé
Legalis.net · 2023-06-21 2 min Actualités mardi 20 juin 2023 Tweeter Le modèle de covoiturage de Citygo validé Par un jugement du 7 juin 2023, le tribunal de commerce de Nanterre a considéré que la plateforme Citygo respecte les obligations en matière de co-voiturage imposées par l’article L
MEPs ready to negotiate first ever rules for safe and transparent AI | News | European Parliament
Europarl.europa.eu · 2023-06-14 4 min The rules aim to promote the uptake of human-centric and trustworthy AI and protect the health, safety, fundamental rights and democracy from its harmful effects.On Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted its negotiating position on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act with 49
Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case
Laquadrature.net · 2023-06-06 27 min This article was written on the basis of information relating to the so-called “8 December” case1For a summary of the 8 December affair see in particular the testimonies available in this Revue Z article, this Lundi matin article, the following support committee articles (he
Exclusive: Italy watchdog to review other AI systems after ChatGPT brief ban
Reuters.com · 2023-06-04 2 min MILAN/STOCKHOLM, May 22 (Reuters) - Italy's data protection authority Garante plans to review other artificial intelligence platforms and hire AI experts, a top official said, as it ramps up scrutiny of the powerful technology after temporarily banning ChatGPT in March.Garante is
Data mining, big data, machine learning nei tributi e negli immobili
Agenziaentrate.gov.it · 2023-06-03 56 min DATA MINING E MACHINE LEARNING : LA NUOVA FRONTIERA DEI BIG DATA NEL SETTORE IMMOBILIARE Maurizio Festa * Capo Ufficio Statistiche e studi sul mercato immobiliare – OMI Agenzia delle Entrate. I contenuti dell’articolo impegnano la responsabilità dell’autor
Ursnif Trojan
Pcrisk.it · 2023-05-26 8 min Cos'è Ursnif? Ursnif (noto anche come Gozi) è un virus di tipo trojan ad alto rischio progettato per registrare varie informazioni sensibili. Di solito questo virus si infiltra nei sistemi senza autorizzazione, dal momento che gli sviluppatori lo diffondono usando campagne di s
Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP address
Github.com · 2023-05-21 1 min Back to Dashboard: SettingsOption removed from desktop browsers in uBlock Origin v1.38.Browsers now obfuscate LAN addresses by mDNS:Firefox: "Enable mDNS hostname obfuscation" Chromium: "mDNS service for IP handling in WebRTC" Option is still available in Android Firefox, because
Per il Tribunale dell´Unione Europea la nozione di dato personale è relativa
Rivista.camminodiritto.it · 2023-05-06 16 min \n') //newwin.document.close() } function CloseDiv(ID){ document.getElementById(ID).style.display='none'; } function ShowDiv(ID){ document.getElementById(ID).style.display='inherit'; } function ShowDiv3(ID){ var blocchi = d
Andrea Monti: privacy e le polemiche sul riconoscimento facciale
Repubblica.it · 2023-05-06 6 min Le polemiche innescate dalla recente dichiarazione del min istro dell’interno sull’estensione dell’impiego del riconoscimento facciale risentono, ancora una volta, della confusione fra il livello normativo e quello politico, della narrativa distorta che si è stratificata n
Passkey: cos'è e come funziona
Smartworld.it · 2023-05-04 13 min Per diversi motivi, le password rappresentano l'anello debole per la sicurezza di un account, e i giganti del web hanno istituito un'alleanza, chiamata FIDO, per promuovere soluzioni più efficaci.Le passkey sono una risposta a questo problema, una soluzione che permette di util
Il motore di ricerca Bing sta condividendo i dati degli utenti
Guruhitech.com · 2023-04-28 2 min Condividi l'articolo Attraverso Reddit è stato rivelato un difetto che sta causando una fuga di dati dal browser Edge al motore di ricerca Bing di Microsoft, in cui le informazioni degli utenti vengono trasferite da una piattaforma all’altra senza autorizzazione. L’utente
MEPs seal the deal on Artificial Intelligence Act
Euractiv.com · 2023-04-28 4 min Following months of intense negotiations, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have bridged their difference and reached a provisional political deal on the world’s first Artificial Intelligence rulebook.The AI Act is a flagship legislative proposal to regulate Artificial
AI chatbots could be impacted by Supreme Court's ruling in Section 230 case
Msn.com · 2023-04-25 4 min The Supreme Court is expected to release a decision in the next few months in a case that concerns a liability shield for internet and social media companies that could impact chatbots using artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT. At issue in the case is whether tech platforms
Le forze dell'ordine globali sollecitano Meta ad abbandonare la crittografia end to end
Redhotcyber.com · 2023-04-23 3 min Le forze dell'ordine globali sollecitano Meta ad abbandonare la crittografia end-to-end Noi e i nostri partner utilizziamo i cookie per Archiviare e/o accedere a informazioni su un dispositivo. Noi e i nostri partner utilizziamo i cookie per Annunci e contenuti personalizzati,
Wallife protegge dalle minacce la nostra identità digitale
Techfromthenet.it · 2023-04-18 7 min Wallife è una startup Insurtech unica nel suo genere, capace di gestire la sicurezza e la protezione dell’identità digitale delle persone, per difenderle dai rischi derivanti dalle nuove tecnologie. Fondata nel 2020 da Fabio Sbianchi e guidata dalla CEO Maria Enrica Ang
Texts adopted Data Act Tuesday, 14 March 2023
Europarl.europa.eu · 2023-04-12 206 min THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION,Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 114 thereof, Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission, After transmission of the draft legislative act
China launches draft regulation for AI generated content to nurture industry, ensure fair competition amid ChatGPT frenzy
Ecns.cn · 2023-04-12 3 min China's cyberspace authority issued a content regulation draft for artificial intelligence (AI) on Tuesday, voicing clear support for innovation, promotion and application in AI algorithms and frameworks. Meanwhile, it called for efforts to ensure fair competition as domestic ind
ChatGPT is entering a world of regulatory pain in Europe
Politico.eu · 2023-04-11 4 min Press play to listen to this articleVoiced by artificial intelligence.ChatGPT has set itself up for a rough ride with Europe's powerful privacy watchdogs.The chatbot is the hottest sensation of artificial intelligence technology but was hit with a temporary ban in Italy last mont
UK unveils world leading approach to innovation in first artificial intelligence white paper to turbocharge growth
Gov.uk · 2023-04-11 7 min Government launches AI white paper to guide the use of artificial intelligence in the UK, to drive responsible innovation and maintain public trust in this revolutionary technology. White paper sets out new approach to regulating artificial intelligence to build public t

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