Restic · backups done right! · 2023-03-16 3 min Restic is a modern backup program that can back up your files: from Linux, BSD, Mac and Windows to many different storage types, including self-hosted and online services easily, being a single executable that you can run without a server or complex setup effectively, only
Beware rogue 2FA apps in App Store and Google Play – don’t get hacked! · 2023-02-27 12 min by Thanks to Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry of @mysk_co for the impetus and information behind this article. The duo describe themselves as “two iOS developers and occasional security researchers on two continents.” In other words, although cybersecurity isn’t their core b
HardBit 2.0 Ransomware · 2023-02-21 12 min IntroductionFirst observed in October 2022, HardBit is a ransomware threat that targets organizations to extort cryptocurrency payments for the decryption of their data.Seemingly improving upon their initial release, HardBit version 2.0 was introduced toward the end of November
LockBit Attacco all'azienda italiana che produce i peluche Trudi · 2023-02-16 7 min La famigerata banda ransomware Lockbit, colpisce un’altra organizzazione italiana. Oggi è il turno della famosa azienda che produce peluche Trudi che si trova a combattere con il ransomware.LockBit 3.0 avvia il consueto “countdown” fissato a 15gg, data della pubblicazione
LastPass finally admits: Those crooks who got in? They did steal your password vaults, after all… · 2022-12-26 10 min by Popular password management company LastPass has been under the pump this year, following a network intrusion back in August 2022. Details of how the attackers first got in are still scarce, with LastPass’s first official comment cautiously stating that: [A]n unauthorized
Ransomware: Publicly Reported Incidents are only the tip of the iceberg · 2022-08-02 5 min News Item The threat landscape report on ransomware attacks published today by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) uncovers the shortcomings of the current reporting mechanisms across the EU. Published on July 29, 2022 As one of the most devastating types of cybe
Password, compromesso account iCloud di Hunter Biden, figlio del presidente, rubati 450 GB di dati personali (in)sicurezza digitale · 2022-07-11 1 min È stata individuata la password che proteggeva l’account iCloud contenente i dati personali sui dispositivi Apple di Hunter Biden, secondogenito del presidente degli Stati UnitiTerze parti non autorizzate hanno compromesso con successo l’account iCloud di Hunter Biden, hanno
KIT SECUSO Forschung Ergebnisse · 2022-07-01 3 min Wir nutzen unser Smartphone für private Gespräche, ob in Text, Wort oder Bild, speichern unsere Kontakte und organisieren unsere Termine damit. Der Zugriff auf all diese sensiblen Daten wird durch sogenannte Berechtigungen geregelt. Das bedeutet beispielsweise, dass jede Ap
Ordinanza ingiunzione nei confronti di Azienda ospedaliera di Perugia 7 aprile 2022 [9768363] · 2022-05-11 48 min VEDI NEWSLETTER DELL'11 MAGGIO 2022[doc. web n. 9768363]Ordinanza ingiunzione nei confronti di Azienda ospedaliera di Perugia - 7 aprile 2022Registro dei provvedimentin. 134 del 7 aprile 2022IL GARANTE PER LA PROTEZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALINELLA riunione odierna, alla quale hanno

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