Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per gestire il primo dispositivo dei propri figli
Kaspersky.it · 2023-11-22 7 min Prima o poi, tutti i genitori, o quasi, arrivano inevitabilmente ad acquistare un dispositivo elettronico per i figli. Secondo uno studio condotto da Kaspersky, il 61% dei bambini riceve il primo dispositivo tra gli 8 e i 12 anni e, sorprendentemente, l’11% di loro riceve un ce
Spie su ruote: come le case automobilistiche raccolgono e poi rivendono informazioni
Analisideirischinformatici.it · 2023-10-27 9 min Facebook LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Allerta Pericoli Informatici sui Social : APP 1 : Allerta Pericoli Informatici Google Play apple Store APP 2 : AiutamiSi ( tanti servizi gratuiti ) Google Play apple Store Quali informazioni personali raccolgono le auto moderne
Setting the record straight
Commissioners.ec.europa.eu · 2023-10-15 5 min On the 25th of October I will be having an exchange of views with the LIBE committee on my proposal to prevent and fight child sexual abuse. The next day the LIBE committee will vote on the proposal.I am approaching this public discussion with resolve, with transparency and with
Max Schrems: "Después de cinco años del GDPR todavía vemos cómo las autoridades no están haciendo bien su trabajo"
Cso.computerworld.es · 2023-10-10 11 min Unos podrían llamarlo el héroe sin capa de los derechos digitales. Otros, el gran dolor de cabeza de los reguladores. En lo que todos concuerdan es en que Max Schrems, el abogado y activista austríaco de 36 años, tiene un rol relevante en la historia reciente de la legislaci
Google rolls out Privacy Sandbox to use Chrome browsing history for ads
Bleepingcomputer.com · 2023-09-10 5 min Google has started to roll out its new interest-based advertising platform called the Privacy Sandbox, shifting the tracking of user's interests from third-party cookies to the Chrome browser.When starting the Google Chrome browser, users will now see an alert titled 'Enhanced ad
Google attempts to defend Web Environment Integrity proposal
Theregister.com · 2023-07-28 6 min Google's Web Environment Integrity (WEI) proposal, according to one of the developers working on the controversial fraud fighting project, aims to make the web "more private and safe."Ben Wiser, a software engineer at the Chocolate Factory, responded on Wednesday to serious conce
Part 1 Discovering that your Bluetooth car battery monitor is siphoning up your location data
Doubleagent.net · 2023-07-24 12 min Hello Hacker News, thanks for visiting!A Bluetooth enabled battery monitor that records car battery voltages. The hardware requires a smartphone for pairing The product collects GPS co-ordinates, cell phone tower data and nearby Wifi beacons Location data is sent over the Intern
HaxRob on Twitter: "This invasive Bluetooth car battery monitor was found to be sending the following location data to 🇨🇳 GPS Wifi devices Cell phone towers The apple and Google app stores said no personal data was collected. A new update has emerged. Let's see what was changed 👇(1/n) https://t.co/5fZufWFgo0" / Twitter
Twitter.com · 2023-07-24 < 1 min This invasive Bluetooth car battery monitor was found to be sending the following location data to 🇨🇳 - GPS - Wifi devices - Cell phone towers The apple and Google app stores said no personal data was collected. A new update has emerged. Let's see what was changed
Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case
Laquadrature.net · 2023-06-06 27 min This article was written on the basis of information relating to the so-called “8 December” case1For a summary of the 8 December affair see in particular the testimonies available in this Revue Z article, this Lundi matin article, the following support committee articles (he
Steve Wozniak: le AI faranno leva sulla scarsa consapevolezza del rischio per generare frodi di ogni tipo
Redhotcyber.com · 2023-05-09 3 min Steve Wozniak: le AI faranno leva sulla scarsa consapevolezza del rischio per generare frodi di ogni tipo Noi e i nostri partner utilizziamo i cookie per Archiviare e/o accedere a informazioni su un dispositivo. Noi e i nostri partner utilizziamo i cookie per Annunci e contenut
Passkeys (Passkey Authentication)
Fidoalliance.org · 2023-05-04 13 min Accelerating the Availability of Simpler, Stronger Passwordless Sign-Ins FAQ's ResourcesThis graphic is a genericized representation of what the user experience may be.Passkeys/ˈpasˌkēs/nounBased on FIDO standards, passkeys are a replacement for passwords that provide faster
Passkey: cos'è e come funziona
Smartworld.it · 2023-05-04 13 min Per diversi motivi, le password rappresentano l'anello debole per la sicurezza di un account, e i giganti del web hanno istituito un'alleanza, chiamata FIDO, per promuovere soluzioni più efficaci.Le passkey sono una risposta a questo problema, una soluzione che permette di util
apple and Google team up to stop unwanted AirTag tracking
Cnbc.com · 2023-05-03 1 min apple AirTagTodd Haselton | CNBCapple and Google said Tuesday they are working together to prevent lost-item trackers such as apple's AirTag from being used to track people without their permission.The companies came together to draft a new industry standard that will add the abi
AI chatbots could be impacted by Supreme Court's ruling in Section 230 case
Msn.com · 2023-04-25 4 min The Supreme Court is expected to release a decision in the next few months in a case that concerns a liability shield for internet and social media companies that could impact chatbots using artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT. At issue in the case is whether tech platforms
Friday Long Read: What To Do About AI
Wordfence.com · 2023-04-09 18 min Mark MaunderApril 7, 2023This is a Friday long-read, so grab a warm cup of something and kick back because we’re going to take our time on this. The world is about to profoundly change. I know you’re nervous – perhaps excited and optimistic, but if you’ve been paying att
Pricing Simple Analytics
Simpleanalytics.com · 2023-04-03 1 min Cosa sono i datapoints?Puoi raccogliere due tipi di dati con Simple Analytics: visualizzazioni di pagina e eventi. Il termine datapoint si riferisce a entrambi. Se non usi eventi, i datapoints saranno solo visualizzazioni di pagina. Se usi eventi, i datapoint saranno anche eventi
ChatGPT e i perché su Cyber Security 360
Cybersecurity360.it · 2023-04-01 7 min ChatGpt raccoglie illecitamente i dati: è quanto stabilito dal Garante Privacy, che ha avviato un’istruttoria e ha limitato in via provvisoria il trattamento dei dati degli utenti italiani fin quando il sistema di AI non si adeguerà alla normativa sulla data protection.Il Gar
Dutch antitrust authority fines apple for fifth time (aggregate: €25M) over alleged non compliance with dating app payment system ruling
Fosspatents.com · 2023-03-02 4 min Dutch tech reporter Nando Kasteleijn of NOS just reported on Twitter that the Authority for Consumers & Markets--the Dutch antitrust authority--has imposed another contempt sanction on apple of €5 million ($5.7 million) for this calendar week, on top of €20 million ($22.
Brussels sets out to fix the GDPR 
Politico.eu · 2023-03-01 3 min Press play to listen to this articleVoiced by artificial intelligence.The European Union is (finally) coming to grips with the dysfunctionalities of its most famous tech law of all: the General Data Protection Regulation.The European Commission will propose a new law before the
Signal CEO: We “1,000% won’t participate” in UK law to weaken encryption
Arstechnica.com · 2023-03-01 5 min Enlarge / Signal app on a phone. Getty Images The nonprofit responsible for the Signal messenger app is prepared to exit the UK if the country requires providers of encrypted communications to alter their products to ensure user messages are free of material that’s harmful to c
Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption
Bbc.com · 2023-03-01 4 min Image source, Getty ImagesBy Chris VallanceTechnology reporter, BBC NewsThe encrypted-messaging app Signal has said it would stop providing services in the UK if a new law undermined encryption.If forced to weaken the privacy of its messaging system under the Online Safety Bill,
Beware rogue 2FA apps in App Store and Google Play – don’t get hacked!
Nakedsecurity.sophos.com · 2023-02-27 12 min by Thanks to Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry of @mysk_co for the impetus and information behind this article. The duo describe themselves as “two iOS developers and occasional security researchers on two continents.” In other words, although cybersecurity isn’t their core b
The EU Digital Identity Wallet: Episode 1 An Overview
Edps.europa.eu · 2023-02-26 2 min EDPS traineesWhat is it and how does it work? What are its key data protection benefits and risks?Welcome to the first episode of a three-part podcast series focused on the EU Digital Identity Wallet (DIW), organised by the trainees of the European Data Protection Supervisor and
apple iOS 16.3 arrives with support for hardware security keys
Bleepingcomputer.com · 2023-01-24 2 min apple released iOS 16.3 today with long-awaited support for hardware security keys to provide extra protection against phishing attacks and unauthorized access to your devices. Hardware security keys are small physical devices that resemble thumb drives and support USB-C (using
Luis Alberto Montezuma on LinkedIn: hj
Linkedin.com · 2023-01-11 1 min Article 6 of the GDPR lays down six legal bases for the processing of personal data. There are six available lawful bases for processing. No single basis is ’better’ or more important than the others – which basis is most appropriate to use will depend on your purpose and r
GDPR: diminuiscono le sanzioni, ma le Big Tech rimangono al centro dell’attenzione Cyber Security 360
Cybersecurity360.it · 2023-01-04 6 min Secondo un’analisi condotta da Atlas VPN sui dati statistici di Enforcement Tracker le Autorità europee, nel 2022, hanno erogato oltre 830 milioni di euro di sanzioni per violazioni accertate del GDPR.Le sanzioni, inoltre, si concentrano prevalentemente nel terzo trimestre del
Big tech: USA e Europa uniti ?
Wired.it · 2022-12-29 6 min L'arrivo a New York alla fine della scorsa settimana del commissario europeo alla concorrenza Margrethe Vestager è coinciso con un momento positivo. Il giorno prima, la Corte di giustizia dell'Unione europea (Ue) ha confermato la decisione del suo ufficio di multare per 4,1 mili
Ora con DuckDuckGo puoi bloccare tutti i Tracker e analizzare le App all'interno del tuo telefono
Redhotcyber.com · 2022-11-23 2 min L’app DuckDuckGo per Android è un browser web, un motore di ricerca e una utilità per la protezione dei dati incentrata sulla privacy, scaricata oltre 10 milioni di volte dal Google Play. La funzione “App Tracking Protection” di DuckDuckGo per Android ha raggiunto la op
TikTok bannato negli Stati Uniti? FCC: 'Minaccia la sicurezza nazionale'
Key4biz.it · 2022-11-02 2 min Brendan Carr, uno dei cinque commissari della Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in un’intervista ad Axios, ha chiesto al governo degli Stati Uniti di bannare TikTok perché min accia la sicurezza nazionale. Si tratta di una delle dichiarazioni più forti che il commissar
Filtrare le chiamate prima di rispondere
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