Criminalization of encryption : the 8 december case · 2023-06-06 27 min This article was written on the basis of information relating to the so-called “8 December” case1For a summary of the 8 December affair see in particular the testimonies available in this Revue Z article, this Lundi matin article, the following support committee articles (he
Data mining, big data, machine learning nei tributi e negli immobili · 2023-06-03 56 min DATA MINING E MACHINE LEARNING : LA NUOVA FRONTIERA DEI BIG DATA NEL SETTORE IMMOBILIARE Maurizio Festa * Capo Ufficio Statistiche e studi sul mercato immobiliare – OMI Agenzia delle Entrate. I contenuti dell’articolo impegnano la responsabilità dell’autor
AdE: valutazione di impatto sul trattamento dei dati · 2023-06-03 121 min Titolo Documento : Documento di Analisi del Rischio e Valutazione d’Impatto sulla Protezione dei Dati VERSIONE 1.0 PAG. 1 Documento di Valutazione di Impatto sulla Protezione dei Dati (Stralcio ) Titolo Documento : Documento
Jules Polonetsky on LinkedIn: These are the extreme AI risks, according to leading AI… | 13 comments · 2023-05-29 < 1 min Jules Polonetsky Jules Polonetsky is an InfluencerCEO, Future of Privacy Forum2d These are the extreme AI risks, according to leading AI developers. 34213 CommentsSee more comments
Security Task Manager Offerta speciale · 2023-05-05 1 min Acquisto senza rischiLa soddisfazione dei nostri clienti è una priorità da oltre 15 anni.+ Rimborso entro 30 giorni+ Consegna immediata alla   ricezione del pagamento+ Nessun costo di consegna+ Ordini online sicuri+ senza costi di   sottoscrizioneZDNetTucowsT-Online.deWebA
Passkeys (Passkey Authentication) · 2023-05-04 13 min Accelerating the Availability of Simpler, Stronger Passwordless Sign-Ins FAQ's ResourcesThis graphic is a genericized representation of what the user experience may be.Passkeys/ˈpasˌkēs/nounBased on FIDO standards, passkeys are a replacement for passwords that provide faster
MEPs seal the deal on Artificial Intelligence Act · 2023-04-28 4 min Following months of intense negotiations, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have bridged their difference and reached a provisional political deal on the world’s first Artificial Intelligence rulebook.The AI Act is a flagship legislative proposal to regulate Artificial
Texts adopted Data Act Tuesday, 14 March 2023 · 2023-04-12 206 min THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION,Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 114 thereof, Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission, After transmission of the draft legislative act
'He Would Still Be Here': Man Dies by Suicide After Talking with AI Chatbot, Widow Says · 2023-04-11 7 min A Belgian man recently died by suicide after chatting with an AI chatbot on an app called Chai, Belgian outlet La Libre reported.  The incident raises the issue of how businesses and governments can better regulate and mitigate the risks of AI, especially when it comes to mental
Pricing Simple Analytics · 2023-04-03 1 min Cosa sono i datapoints?Puoi raccogliere due tipi di dati con Simple Analytics: visualizzazioni di pagina e eventi. Il termine datapoint si riferisce a entrambi. Se non usi eventi, i datapoints saranno solo visualizzazioni di pagina. Se usi eventi, i datapoint saranno anche eventi
Delta Chat: Good news from security audits, past and present · 2023-03-30 2 min March 27, 2023 by missytake, holgaIn case you wonder how safe Delta Chat’s core messaging implementation and server guides are, you may be interested in the summary statement from the recent independent security audit by Cure53:"... a positive impression following the completio
Privacy Friendly Apps improved privacy protection on the smartphone · 2023-03-24 4 min We use our smartphone for private conversations, store our contacts and organise our meetings with it. The access to all this sensitive data is handled with the so-called permissions. It means, for example, that each app that requires the smartphone camera needs to get the corres
Petruta Pirvan on LinkedIn: #cybersecurity #ai #aiact #machinelearning #aisystems #algorithms… · 2023-03-21 1 min Petruta PirvanHead of Privacy and Compliance l Center of Excellence Lead l IAPP Training Advisory Board Member l Fellow of Information Privacy l Trusted Advisor19h The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) publishes a Report on Cybersecurity of AI and Standardisation Th
Dutch antitrust authority fines Apple for fifth time (aggregate: €25M) over alleged non compliance with dating app payment system ruling · 2023-03-02 4 min Dutch tech reporter Nando Kasteleijn of NOS just reported on Twitter that the Authority for Consumers & Markets--the Dutch antitrust authority--has imposed another contempt sanction on Apple of €5 million ($5.7 million) for this calendar week, on top of €20 million ($22.
EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software · 2023-02-24 2 min Press Release EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software In February 2023, the EDPS has started piloting the use of the Open Source Software Nextcloud and LibreOffice Online. Together, theyoffer the possibility to share files, send messages, make video calls, and allows collab
Yubico Home · 2023-01-24 2 min Yubico phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication (MFA) stops account takeovers for the world’s largest organizations.Protect your accountsThe YubiKey is hardware authentication reimagined. Secure the identities of your employees and users, reduce support costs, and experi
Webbkoll alternative e software simile · 2022-12-09 1 min Web Privacy Check monitora le funzionalità di miglioramento della privacy sui siti Web e ti aiuta a scoprire chi ti consente di esercitare il controllo sulla tua privacy. Controlliamo fino a che punto un sito Web monitora il tuo comportamento e quanto spettegolano sul monitoragg
Password managers for Nextcloud Nextcloud · 2022-12-06 3 min Password managers for NextcloudRecently some of our users pointed us to password manager Enpass, which recently added Nextcloud support to their choice of cloud hosting solutions. As some of our users are probably aware, for the popular Keepass password manager there is an integr
German Court Fines Website Owner for Violating the GDPR by Using Google Hosted Fonts · 2022-11-14 1 min In late January, a Munich regional court ruled that a plaintiff was entitled to injunctive relief and damages of 100 € from an undisclosed website owner for passing on the visitor’s IP address to Google through the use of Google Fonts.Since it is possible to use the fonts wit
Dutch MEP says illegal spyware ‘a grave threat to democracy’ · 2022-11-13 6 min The senior MEP leading an inquiry into spyware has accused the EU commission of ignoring the “grave threat to democracy” posed by the use of the technology, and national governments of failing to cooperate with her investigation.The Dutch liberal MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld said
Thread by @stevekrenzel on Thread Reader App · 2022-11-10 4 min With Twitter's change in ownership last week, I'm probably in the clear to talk about the most unethical thing I was asked to build while working at Twitter. 🧵To set the stage, this was the 2015-2016 era. @dickc was just ousted, though he was wonderful and made us feel like fa
Denmark bans Gmail and Co from schools due to privacy concerns. · 2022-08-07 4 min Danish schools must stop using Google's email and cloud services due to concerns or violating the high European privacy standards defined by the GDPR. According to Denmark’s data protection authority, Google’s cloud-based Workspace software suite "does not meet the requiremen
Europe threatens to ban Facebook over data transfers to the US · 2022-07-11 2 min If regulators have their way, data transfers from Facebook and Instagram between Europe and the United States could stop this summer. (WhatsApp, another Meta service, will not be affected by the decision as it has a different data controller within Meta.) This could force Meta, F
I Pirati celebrano una vittoria sul DMA, ma la lobby bigtech ha prevalso nel DSA · 2022-07-05 2 min Strasburgo, 05/07/2022 – Oggi il Parlamento europeo ha approvato le versioni finali sia del Digital Services Act (DSA) che del Digital Markets Act (DMA). Mentre le nuove regole per navigare e competere nel mondo digitale sono attese da tempo, le forti pressioni da parte di Big
KIT SECUSO Forschung Ergebnisse · 2022-07-01 3 min Wir nutzen unser Smartphone für private Gespräche, ob in Text, Wort oder Bild, speichern unsere Kontakte und organisieren unsere Termine damit. Der Zugriff auf all diese sensiblen Daten wird durch sogenannte Berechtigungen geregelt. Das bedeutet beispielsweise, dass jede Ap
France’s CNIL warns over illegal use of Google Analytics – TechCrunch · 2022-06-09 4 min France’s data protection watchdog, the CNIL, has issued updated guidance on use of Google Analytics following a decision earlier this year that found a local website’s use of the tool to be in breach of European Union law.It has also confirmed that it has since issued formal
Cookie walls : la CNIL publie des premiers critères d’évaluation · 2022-05-29 9 min La plupart des services proposés sur Internet sont présentés comme gratuits. Toutefois, cette gratuité pécuniaire n’est pas sans contrepartie : les données personnelles des internautes collectées sont très souvent utilisées par les acteurs du web pour financer les s
Exodus Privacy: scopri cosa contengono le tue app! Le alternative · 2022-02-25 2 min Articolo aggiornato il: 24 Febbraio, 2022 Se ti piace il nostro lavoro da oggi puoi anche donare grazie! Ne abbiamo parlato spesso di Exodus Privacy all’interno dei nostri articoli. Ma è un progetto talmente importante ed interessante che vogliamo dargli maggiore spazio con u
What Is the Metaverse? | Binance Academy · 2022-02-20 9 min TL;DRThe metaverse is a concept of a persistent, online, 3D universe that combines multiple different virtual spaces. You can think of it as a future iteration of the internet. The metaverse will allow users to work, meet, game, and socialize together in these 3D spaces.The metav
Topics di Google, come funziona: sofferto addio ai cookie di terze parti Agenda Digitale · 2022-02-20 7 min Sarà sofferta la rivoluzione del mondo senza cookie di terze parti, con una pubblicità più rispettosa della privacy.Lo dimostra tra l’altro il fermento intorno al framework di Google, chiamato Privacy Sandbox, novità imminente per risolvere – nelle dichiarazioni e intenz

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